Prevents stretch marks and reduces existing ones

Clinically tested


  • Smoothening effect
  • Firming effect
  • Reduced coloration of existing stretch marks

Contains active ingredients (argan oil and Inca Inchi with vitamin E, chlorella and algae extract, hydroxyproline, shea butter) proven to reduce existing stretch marks and prevent their future occurrence.

Clinical tests, conducted under medical supervision, showed significant reduction in stretch marks after 3 months of using the product, reduction in their size and change in colouration making them less visible. Improved structure of skin was also observed.

How to use:

In order to prevent stretch marks apply the product to sensitive areas (breasts, belly, thighs and hips) from the first trimester of pregnancy, and, if there is a need, after giving birth.

In order to reduce existing stretch marks apply the product in the morning and evening to the areas where they are visible. The effect is the better, the sooner the product is applied to new stretch marks.

Product available only in pharmacies or on-line pharmacies.

Price: PLN 88.98

Volume: 200 ml