Reduces reddening of the skin, improves the condition of blood vessels

  • Nourishes the skin, strengthens the structure of its elements
  • Strengthens and contracts blood vessels, tightens their walls
  • Reduces reddening

How to use:

Apply twice a day: in the morning and evening. Apply to face skin. Due to the Citrustem obtained from orange stem cells, the product increases expression of genes responsible for the structure of extracellular matrix, that is reorganizes and retains the density of the dermis by increasing synthesis of ingredients creating the extracellular matrix. Skin is renewed and structure of its elements strengthened, collagen and elastine synthesis is enhances.

Improves the condition of blood vessels, tightens them and contracts them due to Gingko biloba, Aesculus hippocastanum and Hamamelis virginiana extract.
Humectants and emollients provide proper level of moisture of the skin.

Contains active substances with anti-inflammatory and anti-exudate properties reduce skin redness.

  • Does not contain parabens
  • Dermatologically tested

Product available only in pharmacies.
Price: PLN 59
Volume: 40 ml