Le’Maadr, Foltene, Cito Kompres

The activities in Poland we started in 1989 as one of the first companies promoting health. Its main field of activity is pharmaceutical marketing. We have introduced such brands as: Mustela and Noviderm, Isispharma, Me, Arkopharma, Lemaadr, Cito, Foltene, Moraz, Ahava, Faringosept, Tabex, Linomag Septoma into the Polish market.

The positive image of these brands created by our company was confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions:

in 1996 “Golden Cure” award, for the pain-killer for MST Continius; in 1998 “Golden Cure” award for Pagosid anti-rheumatic drug; acknowledgements for active participation in “Race against cancer” campaign for “Idea25″ breast cream; “Super Product of 2004″ – an award for Mustela cosmetics in “Mam Dziecko” magazine’s poll; “Best Product 2004” in the Cosmetics for Mothers category granted by the readers to the special cream for breast-care Mustela 9 Months. Award granted by the experts in the Cosmetics for Children category given to the Mustela Bebe head and body gel. “Rodzice” magazine award for Mustela 9 Months cosmetics line. “Super Product of 2005” from the “Mam Dziecko” magazine. The Mustela 9 Months line was recognized as the best cosmetic product for mothers. “Best of 2005” Award from “Dziecko” magazine for Mustela Sun. The awarded products were recognized as the best, safest and produced with the most care.

“Hit of 2005″ – “Mamo to ja” magazine award for Mustela BeBe in the “best cosmetics for children” category. In 2006 GOLDEN FIT.PL Award for Mustela BeBe – head and body gel 500 ml.

“Excellence of 2006” Award from “Twój Styl” magazine in the category MY INSPIRATION -Planete System Prosensil Cosmetics. “Best of 2006” Award from the “Dziecko” magazine for Mustela 9 Months, a double-active anti-stretch mark cream and intensive active cream for stretch marks and scars in the Best Cosmetics for Mothers category. “Hit of 2006″ – “Mamo to ja” magazine – award for Mustela BeBe in the Best Cosmetics for Children category. “Super product of 2007” Award from “Mam Dziecko” magazine in the Best Cosmetics for Children category for Mustela Bebe cosmetics. “Dziecko” magazine’s award – “Best of 2007 DZIECKO RECOMMENDS” – readers award: II place in the readers’ poll “Best product of 2007” in the Cosmetics for Mothers category for Mustela 9 Months. “Super Product of 2007″ Award from “Świat Kobiety” for Planete System RosaKalm Capsules supplementing skin care for skin with vascular problems (Diet supplement). Le’Maadr Glycol 12% peeling was awarded as the best product by Dr. Barbara Walkiewicz-Cyrańska in the Uroda poll of 2013 Beauty Expert – chosen by the jury.

In Style Best Beauty Buys Award in “body cleansing” category for Ahava Smoothening Body Peeling.

In Style Best Beauty Buys Award in “every type of skin” category for LE’MAADR A Glycol 12% peeling
40 ml.

We have experience in registering medicines and cosmetics, preparing promotional campaigns for partners (taking into consideration of the specific conditions of the Polish market, selecting the right media, etc.)

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